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specifying probability distribution in julia

R user here (with no Julia knowledge). Trying to use the bigsimr.jl package in R. Can anyone direct me to how to specify a custom probability distribution compatible with Distributions.jl? ...
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Are Julia ML libraries inherently parallelized and optimized?

I am trying to decide if I should learn Julia or stick with Python and its libraries, e.g. TensorFlow and FastAI. One important consideration is whether Julia has a library with similar capabilities ...
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Looking for a clustering algorithm for highly noisy data

I am trying to find clusters in some data with high noise (see plot below, data here). I tried using DBSCAN which sort of worked, but it required quite a bit of manually tuning the input parameters ...
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How to limit a Julia notebook to a single core?

I'm running a Julia 1.4 notebook, via Jupyter lab. I need to limit the notebook to a single logical CPU core, on average. In Python I use the following incantation to restrict Numpy's CPU usage: ...
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Do I load all files at once or one at a time?

I currently have $1700+$ CSV files. Each of them is in the same format and structure, give or take a row or possibly a column at the end. Each CSV is $\approx 3.8$ MB. I need to perform a ...
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Julia - Identity matrix - eye() alternative

I'm working with what I guess is an older textbook that is using an older version of Julia as they are using the eye() function to create an identity matrix, which appears to not exist in the version ...
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Is there a gradient descent-based optimization algorithm that works with non-linear constraints?

I have a function to optimize with ca. 200 parameters + one constraint (sum of squares of the parameters must be equal one) This problem can be solved using Lagrange Multipliers and my intuition ...
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What should I master better for professional data science in economics and finance? [closed]

First, excuse me for the noob and long question which is probably doesn’t even belong to here, I know there are several question been answered like this out there, but I think this is going to be up-...
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Julia programming language [closed]

I've heard a lot of buzz for Julia programming language and how it's the future of AI. Should I buy into the hype and start learning Julia? Or do you think its better to stick to a better established ...
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Julia - To Learn or Not to Learn? [closed]

I'm relatively new to data science, having done some machine learning projects at work. My background is in R, although I have some experience in Python. I'm considering choosing one language and ...
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Is there any way to collect categorical features quickly in Julia DataFrames?

I'm using Julia 0.6.3 with Dataframes.jl I was wondering if there was any way to get categorial features easily in Julia? For large datasets it can be impossible to enter everything by hand. My ...
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Gradient Check is failing for RNN

I am trying out POS tagging using RNN but not able to figure out what's wrong in my implementation because of which the gradient check is failing. Please help. I am pasting the relevant part below: <...
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Best Julia library for neural networks

I have been using this library for basic neural network construction and analysis. However, it does not have support for building multi-layered neural networks, etc. So, I would like to know of any ...
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Neural network for MNIST: very low accuracy

I am working on solving the handwritten digit recognition problem by implementing a neural network. But the accuracy of the network is coming out to be very low, around 11% for the train dataset. I am ...
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Does anyone use Julia programming language? [closed]

Is anyone using Julia ( for professional jobs? Or using it instead of R, Matlab, or Mathematica? Is it a good language? If you have to ...
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