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Jupyter is a collection of environments and protocols for interactive computing. It supports many languages and kernels, and works with frontends including the web application Jupyter Notebook. Jupyter was split from IPython in 2015, and Jupyter Notebook is based on IPython Notebook.

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Titanic Disaster

I have been working on the Kaggle tutorial on the Titanic Disaster. Although I get a result which seems good to me (on the training set) the trained model performs bad on the test set. It would be ...
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Neural network accuracy in Torch depends on compute power?

I am new to machine learning and have quite good understanding of basic concepts. I was implementing a 3 Layer neural network on MNIST dataset with 784, 100, 10 neurons in input, hidden, output layer ...
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Reading file from Object Storage in IBM DSX

I'm just getting started with DSX. I have two files in my Object Storage that I want to read in my Jupyter notebook: Warehousing-data.json Warehousing-sales_data- nominal_scenario.json I have the ...
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Correct way to set Spark variables in jupyter notebook

I need to set a couple of variables in my Jupyter Notebook where I have a pre-existing sparkContext and sqlContext and I am doing it wrong. If I don't include an sc.stop() , I get an error that I ...
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How to use rmagic in Azure Notebooks?

I am trying to get some data out of R snippet to Azure Python 3 Jupyter notebook (hosting is available for free at I tried the following in Python 3 notebook: ...
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How to export one cell of a jupyter notebook?

I'm currently working/prototyping into a Jupyter notebook. I want to run some of my code on a standalone iPython shell. For now, I export my iPython code (file --> download as) and then execute it ...
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Is it possible to (de)activate a specific set of cells in jupyter?

I have a jupyter notebook and I would like to perform several runs, the code I want to run depending on the results of the previous runs. I divided my notebook into several cells, and for each run I ...
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How do I make an interactive PCA scatterplot in Python?

The matplotlib library is very capable but lacks interactiveness, especially inside Jupyter Notebook. I would like a good offline plotting tool like
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Open-source interactive dashboard in Python

I am trying to find a package to construct a dashboard with interactive graphs (including widgets such as sliders) in python (mainly IPython notebook). I know there is plotly but I would like a fully ...
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Use spark_csv inside Jupyter and using Python

My ultimate goal is to use Jupyter together with Python for data analysis using Spark. The current hurdle I face is loading the external spark_csv library. I am ...
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