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Are the filtering problem and decoding problem the same thing?

Is there any distinction the filtering problem and the decoding problem? Wikipedia's definition for a filtering problem is: The problem of estimating the states or ideally the posterior distribution ...
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Using Bayesian statistics in time series forecasting

I would like to forecast demand count time series of taxi fleets at different locations on the map at different points in time. I.e. multivariate demand Time series forecasting. Given hierarchinal ...
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How does the Kalman Filter actually work?

I know that the Kalman filter can be used whenever we have a measurement and transition equation. I also know that the Kalman filter can handle missing data. From my course at university, I know that ...
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How does Kalman filtering work backwards?

For time series missing value imputation I am using the Kalman filter/smoothing approach, given in the imputeTS package. As Kalman filter is iterative and needs a view data points to make its estimate ...
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Is Kalman filtering a suitable approach to predict data from a set of/or a single feature?

I have multiple repeats of a time series that I would like to use to train a model to predict future repeats. The time series contains feature data (easy to measure) and target data (hard to measure). ...
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How to apply Kalman Filter for Cleaning Timeseries Data effectively without much optimization?

Someone gave me a tip to use kalman filter for my dataset. How time intensive is it to get a good kalman filter running, compared to simple interpolation methods like ...
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Selecting estimator method for network performance

Wireless network parameters latency, PER, bandwidth is impacted by Channel occupancy percentage , RSSI , client type. To estimate if per , latency will cross threshold from continuously reported ...
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Comparison between approaches for timeseries anomaly detection

After various days of research, I could take a global picture of the existing methods to perform anomaly detection on time series, namely: Forecasting with Deep Learning. Eg. RADM or LSTM model ...
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Sensor fusion using recurrent neural network: obtaining a smoothed output

I am trying to use a recurrent neural network to perform sensor fusion for an inertial measurement unit. IMUs are commonly used in conjunction with a Kalman filter (KF), which performs both fusion of ...
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Kalman filter for time series prediction

I have the information about the behaviour of 400 users across period of 1 months (30 days). Across those 30 days I measure 4 different information (let's call it A,B,C and D), hence I have a total of ...
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Online noise removal techniques

There are lots of noise removal algorithms for offline dataset. I would like to ask if there are some suitable online implementations to remove noise of the data in real-time (similar to Kalman ...
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