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Student model overfitting in multiclass classification with knowledge distillation

I'm working on an OCT multiclass classification task using knowledge distillation. My teacher model achieves a solid 97% accuracy and its loss curve demonstrates good stability and generalization. ...
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The end-to-end Training Process for Knowledge Distillation

I'm a bit confused on the complete training process for Knowledge Distillation. I was reading the Geoffrey Hinton "Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network" 2015 paper and some random ...
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Why are low probabilities problematic for knowledge destilation?

Recently, I have been reading the Knowledge Distillation paper (Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network) and I have two main questions: Neural networks typically produce class probabilities by ...
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Distilling a Random Forest to a single DecisionTree, does it make sense?

I stumbled into this blog which shows how a decision tree trained to overfit the predictions of a properly trained random forest model is able to generalize in pretty much the same way as the original ...
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Why there is so few research on neural code of artificial neural networks and are there alternatives to the neural code approach?

I feel that the neural code/neural coding (how neurons or biases enode the symbolic concepts of the chains of concepts, e.g. each feature is chain of symbolic functions and their parameters) is the ...
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Can I distill knowledge across different neural network frameworks?

I'm interested in using knowledge distillation to compress a large deep learning model to a smaller size so it will run on an embedded device. I've found a number of open source examples for the ...
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