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Finding the labels of a shuffled pandas dataframe

I have a dataframe (namely 'original') with over a thousand numerical columns as features and one label column. I also have a shuffled version of the same dataframe (namely 'shuffled') with label ...
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How to create the target column for tweets classification in Orange

I am interested in performance analysis of classification algorithms. For this, I have collected tweets on a specific topic, and saved as .csv file. The .csv file consists of only one column called ...
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what labeling format has negative Bbox values in labels?

I have a labeled dataset for object detection few thousands of images with annotation on csv file the csv contains these columns image_path, class, xmax, xmin, ymax, ymin looks like Pascal voc format ...
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Difference in proportion between labelled sample and the population

I'm working on a project to predict bots from legit users from social medias. The data that I collected has about 5% of bots for 95% of legit users. The problem is as I labelled my data, I was more ...
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Is my image too low res for semantic segmentation task?

I am trying to solve a semantic segmentation task in the field of agriculture and I have some ortophoto drone images that have been acquired at the same height above the crops and in different ...
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Why weak supervision works?

I've learned that weak supervision combines multiple labeling methods to generate labels for a large dataset. I can't understand why generated labels can be used to train a more accurate model than ...
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