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Pip download does not see package

In kaggle comp I try to store all the packages to build them later without internet connection. At first I use freeze to get packages, then download. Problem is, that despite 'freeze' show us /home/...
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Are there any R packages that support Deep RNNs?

I recently found an interesting paper on what it really means for a recurrent neural network (RNN) to be deep here. Depth can be added in several different ways (state to state, input to state, etc.) ...
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Mean Average Precision with 11 points interpolation method Python libs

I want to calculate mAP with 11 points interpolation method for object detection, as described here: What ...
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Which ML library to use on SHArC processsor?

Is there a consensus on which ML libraries one could easily integrate (C/C++ API) on a somewhat rare CPU platform, like SHArC? Library should be well maintained and relativelly easy to compile on a ...
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What would be a good method for detecting symbols in an image and finding those elsewhere?

I'm trying to build a system that can detect symbols from a legend image, then find and count those symbols in a diagram For example the legend would have symbols like this, with a label next to them ...
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NameError: name 'librosa' is not defined [closed]

i'm working on Arabic Speech Recognition using Wav2Vec XLSR model. While fine-tuning the model it gives the error shown in the picture below. i can't understand what's the problem with librosa it's ...
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Which python library for supervised learning of HMMs?

I have a dataset which looks like this: ...
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Pattern recogniser library for C# programs

I'm a regular user of the StackOverflow forum, but as this question is about a recommendation for libraries, which is supported at StackOverflow, and as my question is about data science libraries, I'...
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anaconda change 'base' environment permanently to a different environment 'myenv' to startup at terminal openings [closed]

I would like to cahnge the 'base' install environemnt that inisiates when I start a terminal to an a diferent environment that i have created called 'myenv' anaconda evironment. I want that 'myenv' ...
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Cuda's '' libraries cannot be loaded

I'm trying to run my tensorflow model (v2.4.1) in an AWS instance with CUDA drivers installed: ...
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How to professionally spell library names such as "scikit learn"?

For example for inclusion in a CV. This is mostly a question of whether one should use capital letters or not. Usually I search the library to find how the library name is spelled on the official page....
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How to specify version for dependencies so that each one is compatible and stays within a size limit?

I am trying to deploy a web app to Heroku. The free tier is limited to 500 MB. I am using my resnet34 model as a .pkl file. I create model with it using the fastai ...
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What are some useful but less known libraries when working with machine learning? [closed]

What are some useful but less-known python libraries when working with machine learning? For example, I saw these two libraries to help plot the ML plots. Yellowbrick: Machine Learning Visualization ...
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alternatives to pyspark to query a csv file locally (no distributed computation needed)

I am reading a csv file with pyspark to extract some information from it. I am running pyspark locally and I do not need distributed computation. On the contrary I need some plotting library such as ...
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Benchmarks based on neural networks libraries to compare the performance between different GPUs

I am looking for benchmarks based on neural networks libraries (Theano/TensorFlow/Torch/Caffe/…) to compare the performance between different GPUs. I am aware of:
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Multivariate linear regression in Python

I'm looking for a Python package that implements multivariate linear regression. (Terminological note: multivariate regression deals with the case where there are more than one dependent variables ...
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Python library for segmented regression (a.k.a. piecewise regression)

I am looking for a Python library that can perform segmented regression (a.k.a. piecewise regression). Example:
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"Recursive ConvNets for Dummies" Library [closed]

I've look at the questions on here regarding the different python libraries around for deep learning and neural nets. They include: Keras Caffe Lasagne PyLearn2 Deepy Theano Torch My understanding ...
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Open source Anomaly Detection in Python

Problem Background: I am working on a project that involves log files similar to those found in the IT monitoring space (to my best understanding of IT space). These log files are time-series data, ...
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Theano in deep learning research

How widely is Theano used in deep learning research? Is Theano a good start to learn the implementation of machine learning algorithms? Will learning the implementation of something like a feed ...
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Geospatial Social Network Analysis Visualization

I have a data set that keeps track of who referred someone to a program, and includes the geo coordinates of both parties for each record. What will be the best way to visualize this kind of data set?...
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General programs/libraries for studying user search behavior?

Are there any general open-source programs or libraries (e.g., a Python library) for analyzing user search behavior? By "search behavior", I mean a user's interaction with a search engine, such as ...
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K-Means clustering for mixed numeric and categorical data implementation in C#

I am a research scholar in data mining. I'm interested in C# implementation of K-Means clustering algorithm for mixed numeric and categorical data.
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