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Multi-valued categorical features in LIME

I am working with the LIME implementation by Marco Ribeiro ( Specifically, I am utilizing the LimeTabularExplainer as I have a mixture of numerical and categorical ...
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Using LIME for transformed categorical features

I have a dataset that has categorical features that I have transformed using target encoding. After fitting the model, I'm using LIME on the fitted model to understand some of the individual ...
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Beginner level: how to interpret LIME and classification result

I am new to the concept of model interpretability using LIME method. I am following the tutorial LIME for spectrogram classification. I am finding hard to understand the color coding -- before using ...
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LimeTextExplainer for MultiClass classification - Facing issue for explain instance with custom classifier function

exp = explainer.explain_instance(df_val_final.Description[idx],predproba_list,num_features=5, top_labels=2) While executing the explain instance of ...
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Passing reduced/different feature data to LimeTabularExplainer compared to the original model

I am trying to use LimeTabularExplainer class and explain_instance function to find explainations of my LightGbm (lgb) model. However, the lgb model uses complex feature set which are not ...
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LIME is observing categorical features even though I am not passing any categorical features

Here is the code: ...
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What are the paprements needed and how should be filled using LIME with NLP in Python?

it is my first time using LIME and I have never used any interpretation technique before. most likely I am doing something wrong but I cannot figure out what is it. I tried googling and going through ...
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Problems with implementing LIME

Hope you are holding on tight, Christmas soon! **Updates: I'm only able to get the results in probability but I want it in pure binary (0 or 1). I tried using .predict instead of predict_proba(x_test) ...
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Ways to visualize the outcome of machine learning interpretability techniques (for image classification)

“Machine Learning Interpretability” or “Explainable Artificial Intelligence” has become quite popular in the machine learning community and in recent research. The goal is to make complex (deep ...
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Spam/ham classification

I am exploring the use of lime for spam/ham categorisation. specifically I have a data frame having list of messages. I would need to identify which messages are spam and which ones are ham by using a ...
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