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A machine learning model is a simplified representation of a dataset, derived from statistics in the data, used to make predictions. It can represent patterns, behaviours or features within this dataset which have been learnt by the algorithm during training.

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Alternatives to Logistic Regression

I have age, gender, height, weight and some other similar parameters of 15000 subjects. I also have one column showing if they had a medical condition (present in about 20% subjects). I now want to ...
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How to continue incremental learning when a categorical variable has been assigned additional category labels?

Please help answer this question or point me to any resource. There is a model in an environment where training happens with new data and the data is discarded after training is completed. This keeps ...
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Feature has a pattern in relation to class but does not enhance classifier to predict class

I have a feature x that when I plot it again my class variable y it shows some sort of pattern, i.e. it is obvious that x has a relation with y, but when I add the x to my logistic model it reduce the ...
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Deciding Initial Weights In A Linear Classifier For Sentiment Analysis

I would like to build a simple sentiment analysis classifier using logistic regression. I downloaded a list of positive and negative words from There are more than 6000 words both positive ...
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Encoding continuous values

I've been reading about one-hot encoding for categorical values. Could similar mechanism make sense for continuous values? I'm looking at a problem, where I try to predict the volume of product X, ...
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How to bypass ID column without being used in the training model but have it as output - Azure ML

The input data in the model includes column ControlNo. But I don't want this column being part of learning process so I'm using Select Columns in Dataset to ...
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Using Machine Learning techniques for text-analysis

I am analysing a bunch of tweets and I want to understand which political party the authors support. I am using Mathematica but I am thinking to re-write my code in Python. If you have any suggestion,...
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Predicting best time to send email

I have a dataset of past emails sent, when they were sent and if they were opened. What would be the best model to predict the best time to send email? I was thinking of modeling it as time series ...
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Design language or artifact for data science model

Inspired from this question, given that there is no standard definition of a data-science model, is there a way to standardize the communication about any data-science model? Just like material ...
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Using the trainbr function for classification in Matlab

I am training a neural network for classification using Matlab, and I don't understand if I can use the trainbr training function (Bayesian Regularization ...
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