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Cosine vs Manhattan for Text Similarity [closed]

I'm storing sentences in Elasticsearch as dense_vector field and used BERT for the embedding so each vector is 768 dim. ...
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Very basic question: what is an accepted term for "linear order distance"

In data science we have "Manhattan Distance" as a slang term for Level 1 Distance and "Euclidean Distance" as a slang term for Level 2 Distance. Is there an accepted term for linear distance in memory ...
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4 answers

Estimating time to travel between two lat/longs

I'm trying to create an offline estimator for how long it would take to get from one lat/long to another. Two approaches I have come across are the Haversine distance and the Manhattan distance. What ...
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Coordinate System's influence on $L$ distances (Manhattan and Euclidean)

I don't understand this picture, which says if we change the coordinate system, we would have the same result for $L_2$ distance, whereas, our result would differ for $L_1$ distance. What does it ...