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How to decide who to market? Clustering or Decision Tree?

I am working with a dataset that has enough observations and ~ 10 variables, half of the variables are numeric another half of the variables are categorical with 2-3 levels (demographics) one ID ...
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Visualization of three-dimensional report

I have a visualization problem. Creating a comparison report of PR event efficiency. Say, show or exhibition. There are two dimensions of comparison: compare vs the same event performance in the ...
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Shapley values for channel attribution equal to linear attribution

I am looking into Shapley values for online marketing attribution. In recent time many articles seem to have been made on this particular approach to attribution (there are more):
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Customer Segmentation and Category association

I have to solve two questions on the following dataset: 1. arrange customers into mutually exclusive groups.explain the clusters. 2.identify 1-1 product category association rules for each cluster, i....
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How many positive responses are good enough for building a marketing response model when the response rate is low(0.5%)

We are planning a marketing campaign to collect data and the response rates for a random sample. Total population size is 10 million and historically, response rates are low (0.5 - 0.65 %). How long ...
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Which type of model to use and what's my target variable

I am a beginner in Data Science field, so sorry if my question is too basic. The task is to build an ad bidding model for online marketing which allows you to deliver targeted ads to the right ...
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Which features of a data set can be used for market campaigning using propensity scores?

A dataset contains so many fields in which there is both relevant and irrelevant field. If we want to do a market campaigning using propensity scoring, which fields of the data set are relevant? How ...
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How to determine parameters for diminishing return function in a market mix model

I am working on a market mix model ad was trying to apply diminishing returns to GRP values for my media activities. I was confused on how to go about it ,i.e how to decide the parameters for the for ...
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Data brokers for market-related data, how to choose, where to look for?

Situation I am doing a data science project for my client. Due to NDA I can't disclose anything to the nature of the project, but let's imagine that they manufacture and sell slow cookers. I faced ...
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Implementing Weekly RFM Segmentation from Priority ERP Data and Integrating with Email Marketing Service

I am looking for some guidance on a specific task involving RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) segmentation. My current workflow involves exporting data from Priority ERP, but I need help with the ...
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Marketing Spend Optimization Techniques

I need some help with market spend optimization. I’m working with a client who’s running an offline operation that’s primarily driven by online marketing (fb, google, twitter etc). They had asked me ...
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ML techniques for subscription data

What are the ML methods one should use for subscription data comprising of visits, monthly active user, user interaction, product usage, location, source. predicting cost for our services.
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how to describe a decrease in sales

Hypothetically, if your company's sales had dropped significantly in 2020, what approach would you take to describe the cause? can you build a model to predict the decrease (between 2019 and 2020 for ...
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