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Application of HMM to model contest selection behaviour in fantasy sports

I am working on a research project wherein i have to model contest selection behaviour as a function of immediate gain, immediate loss, cumulative gain, cumulative loss. The contest choices are 1,2,...
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For a node in an undirected graph - does the node affect itself if its markov blanket is known?

Consider the following Markov Random Field. Question 1: Which of the following nodes will have no effect on H given the Markov Blanket of H? Question 2: Will node H itself have any effect on itself, ...
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Find transistion matrix Markov chain

There is a two-state discrete-time Markov chain with a random variable: $y_t = yx_t$ where $y = [1 \ 5]'$ (' is there because this matrix should be transposed). It is known that: $E(y_{t+1} | x_t) = [...
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Why is it an advantage "that Markov chains are never needed" to obtain gradients?

In the original GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) paper, Generative adversarial networks by I. Goodfellow, J. Pouget-Abadie, M. Mirza et. al. they state an advantage of the GAN is "that Markov ...
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global independence vs local independence in markov network

I could not understand the local independence and global independence of a markov network. Please help me understand with a simple graph
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Order images in the correct order

This is a captcha where you have to select the side that makes more sense. I am trying to use machine learning trying to break it. My approach is to use Google's vision AI to extract keywords from ...
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How can one be assured that generative models are not memorizing dataset, and that they will generate an unique image outside of dataset?

If all GAN can do is capture the probability distribution of the dataset, then shouldn't they be similar to handing out images from the dataset? How can we verify that the images that they generate ...
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Which predictive model is appropriate?

I'm completely lost when trying to choose the type of predictive model for my problem. Is it autoregressive model, nonlinear time series, Markov Chain or other? Can someone please give me some advise? ...
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Undestanding Bayesian network with OpenMarkov

I downloaded OpenMarkov software for probabilistic graphical models and tried it on mtcars dataset. The ...
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HMMLearn Predict Next Observed Event

From my understanding you can use the transition matrix to predict the probability of going from the last predicted hidden state(state t), to the t+1 hidden state. My confusion is how in code format ...
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Simple Markov Chains Memoryless Property Question

I have a sequential data from time T1 to T6. The rows contain the sequence of states for 50 customers. There are only 3 states ...
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What's a good Python HMM library? [duplicate]

I've looked at hmmlearn but I'm not sure if it's the best one.
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Training HMMs using the EM algorithm

How would I train an HMM using the EM algorithm so the transition matrix is upper diagonal?
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How can I predict the post popularity of with hidden markov model(HMM)?

If I get some posts on, how can I predict whether this post will (trending/hot/popular) in the future or not? I would like to use the hidden markov model to predict it, but I don`t know ...
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What is the relationship between Markov Random Fields and Conditional Random Fields?

In Neural networks [3.8] : Conditional random fields - Markov network by Hugo Larochelle it seems to me that a Markov Random Field is a special case of a CRF. However, in the Wikipedia article Markov ...
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How do scientists come up with the correct Hidden Markov Model parameters and topology to use?

I understand how a Hidden Markov Model is used in genomic sequences, such as finding a gene. But I don't understand how to come up with a particular Markov model. I mean, how many states should the ...
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