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A Markov process is a stochastic process for which the Markov property holds: If you know the current state, then the next state is independent of all past states.

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Python library to implement Hidden Markov Models

What stable Python library can I use to implement Hidden Markov Models? I need it to be reasonably well documented, because I've never really used this model before. Alternatively, is there a more ...
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Reward dependent on (state, action) versus (state, action, successor state)

I am studying reinforcement learning and I am working methodically through Sutton and Barto's book plus David Silver's lectures. I have noticed a minor difference in how the Markov Decision Processes ...
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Comparing transition matrices for Markov chains

I have a population, each unit of which exists in one of several states that change over time. I am using first-order Markov chains to model these state transitions. My population can be segmented ...
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Artificially increasing frequency weight of word ending characters in word building

I have a database of letter pair bigrams. For example: ...
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Predict how many days late or early someone will finish their work

So I have a set of deadlines and people, with a database of when those people finished their previous work and how much after the deadline it was, as well as when the work was given. The work itself ...
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