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2 answers

Cross-attention mask in Transformers

I can't fully understand how we should create the mask for the decoder's cross-attention mask in the original Transformer model from Attention Is All You Need. Here is my attempt at finding a solution:...
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Decoder Transformer feedforward

I have a question about the decoder transformer feed forward during training. Let's pick an example: input data "i love the sun" traduction i want to ...
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1 answer

Why shouldn't we mask [CLS] and [SEP] in preparing inputs for a MLM?

I know that MLM is trained for predicting the index of MASK token in the vocabulary list, and I also know that [CLS] stands for the beginning of the sentence and [SEP] telling the model the end of the ...
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Dealing with high frequency tokens during masked Language modelling?

Suppose I am working with a Masked Language Model to pre-train on a specific dataset. In that dataset, most sequences have a particular token of a high frequency ...
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Anonymize continuous variable for masking purposes

I am about to kick off a large hackathon event. We have a dataset that is comprised of one continuous variable with high precision, and a number of categorical variables qualifying these data 3-levels ...
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Pytorch Transformer only generating NaN when using mask

When I generate a src_mask like this ...
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There could be a problem with the linear layer after the attention inside a transformer?

My question regards this image: It seems that after the multi head attention there is a linear layer as they mention also from here: the linearity is given by the weights W^{o}. my quesion is: for ...
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