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In the mathematical discipline of linear algebra, a matrix decomposition or matrix factorization is a factorization of a matrix into a product of matrices.

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How exactly does matrix factorization help with collaborative filtering

We start with a matrix of user ratings for different movies with some elements unknow i.e the rating of a yet to be seen movie by an user. We need to fill in this gap. So How can you decompose or ...
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What is local-NMF? How is it better than original NMF?

I am reading this paper, but don't really understand. Do the words "part-based" or "local" for non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) mean that the algorithm aims to factorize some specific parts ...
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Prediction with multiple features (attributes) [closed]

I recently used a prediction algorithm to try to predict how much an user is willing to interact with an item using ALS (Matrix Factorisation) but I had to "condense" multiple attributes into one, ...
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Text generation using Tensor Factorization

Text generation is well studied using Markov chains or NNs, but I am not aware of any works to word sequence prediction in terms of subspace learning. Treating phrases or sentences as temporal data ...
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Factorization Machine - prevent over fitting

I was recently asked this question in an interview and wondered what the answer would be - "How do Factorization Machines get around the overfitting problem when using second-order interactions?"
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Tensor Decomposition for Higher-Order Context-Aware Recommender Systems

Let me motivate my problem with an example. Let's assume our observations concern ratings a user give to different items, while navigating through item catalog. The user begins rating item1 (may be ...
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ALS in Spark: what loss function is it minimizing?

I’ve playing with the MovieLens ratings dataset under Spark’s ALS and a manual implementation of ALS and comparing results with the same hyperparameters. I’d like to know this exactly in order to make ...
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matrix factorization?

I have sparsely populated matrix of users as rows with columns being categorical answers to various questions ( question are of various domain about preferences / behaviors of the users ) . answers ...
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Matrix factorisation of vote share data

Consider a matrix, $\mathbf{V}$, where each row corresponds to one of $m$ electoral district and each column corresponds to one of $n$ candidates or political parties. Each element, $V_{ij}$, is the ...
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