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Does settings $\beta_1 = 0$ or $\beta_2 = 0$ means that ADAM behaves as RMSprop or Momentum?

I read on ADAM optimizer, and I saw multiple quotes which say that ADAM is a combination of Momentum and RMSprop optimizers. So if we: Set $\beta_1 = 0$ does it means that ADAM behaves exactly as ...
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Is the usage of the "momentum" significiantly superior to the conventional weight update

The "momentum" adds a little of the history of the last weight updates to the actual update, with diminishing weight history (older momentum shares get smaller). Is it significiantly ...
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Adam Optimiser First Step

Plotting the paths on the cost surface from different gradient descent optimisers on a toy example, I found that the Adam algorithm does not initially travel in the direction of steepest gradient (...
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What is momentum in neural network?

While using "Two class neural network" in Azure ML, I encountered "Momentum" property. As per documentation, which is not clear, it says For The momentum, type a value to apply ...
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Dissecting and understanding the Adam optimization's formula

Adam's optimization has the fololwing parameter update rule : $$ \theta_{t+1} = \theta_{t} - \alpha*\dfrac{m_t}{\sqrt{v_t + \epsilon}}$$ where $$ m_t \text{ is first moment of gradients and} \space ...
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Why does NAG cause unstable validation loss?

I'm building a neural network for a classification problem. When playing around with some hyperparameters, I was surprised to see that using Nesterov's Accelerated Gradient instead of vanilla SGD ...
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Adam optimizer for projected gradient descent

The Adam optimizer is often used for training neural networks; it typically avoids the need for hyperparameter search over parameters like the learning rate, etc. The Adam optimizer is an improvement ...
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Why does momentum need learning rate?

If momentum optimizer independently keeps a custom "inertia" value for each weight, then why do we ever need to bother with learning rate? Surely, momentum would catch up its magnutude pretty ...
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