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Questions tagged [mongodb]

MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented NoSQL database. It supports a large number of languages and application development platforms. Questions about server administration can be asked on

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1 answer

Retrieving products based on pre-existing filters, the fastest way possible

Introduction and case scenario I am developing a microservice for our project, which is going to handle a section named 'custom categories'. The scenario for this part is this: 1- Define the custom ...
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How should I save data in deeplearning with nosql (mongodb)?

I usually use file system to manage data for my deep learning model, but one of my boss told me to make nosql database to manage data. Datasets I use have m rows, and n columns of count matrix and ...
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MongoDB Groupby Rank [closed]

Im Working With Mongodb And Wanted to do a query using Aggregate fucntion. Query Is ...
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Deal with huge amount of data

I'm writing to get advices about my project. I want to make recommander system for shop with some products. In fact i want to recommand to shop A to take item X because shop B sell this item and ...
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2 answers

Should I use MongoDB instead of storing data in CSV in python?

I am currently storing data crawled from multiple websites having same but still different structure so every crawler is saving data in separate csv. I am planning to store the data using MongoDB ...
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Is Elastic Search recommended if attribute getting search is not a huge text document?

We are currently developing a system with MEAN stack with Mongodb at backend. We have employees name, and Ids in our system and our client wants to get pretty good (Read: Google Like) search in our ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Data representation (NoSQL database?) for a medical study

Problem description I have a data set about 10000 patients in a study. For each patient, I have a list of various measurements. Some information is scalar data (e.g. age), some information is time ...
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0 answers

How to dowload Wikileaks Cable Leaks documents as text corpus?

I'd like to perform NLP analysis on Wikileaks US Diplomatic Cable Leaks documents (, preferably as Python's NLTK3 corpus od Mongo DB documents. I couldn't find any option ...
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What is the difference between mongodb and tuple space storages

There are some storage space type like GigaSpaces. that inspired from tuple space. Would you say mongodb can act like a tuple ...
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2 answers

What is a good way to start Data Analysis of unknown dataset (JSON data) [closed]

I am working with an organization to analyse their data residing in Mongodb and to look for any trends/patterns in the data. I am quite new to the professional field of Data Analysis but have a good ...
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1 answer

Database options for JSON storage, queried with Apache Drill

I am planning to set up a JSON storage system. It will store tens of millions of JSON records, all in the same format. I'd like to be able to query the data using Apache Drill. It looks like there is ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Storing Sensor Data for Analysis of the Office

I have currently been tasked with designing an application that tracks several different measurements around the office, eg. the temperature, light, presence of people, etc. Having never really worked ...
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1 answer

Which open-source sgdb for kind of large data

I have a 7 giga confidential dataset which I want to use for a machine learning application. I tried : Every package recommanded for efficient dataset management in R like : data.table, ff and ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Which is faster: PostgreSQL vs MongoDB on large JSON datasets?

I have a large dataset with 9m JSON objects at ~300 bytes each. They are posts from a link aggregator: basically links (a URL, title and author id) and comments (text and author ID) + metadata. They ...
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3 answers

Uses of NoSQL database in data science

How can NoSQL databases like MongoDB be used for data analysis? What are the features in them that can make data analysis faster and powerful?
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3 answers

Can map-reduce algorithms written for MongoDB be ported to Hadoop later?

In our company, we have a MongoDB database containing a lot of unstructured data, on which we need to run map-reduce algorithms to generate reports and other analyses. We have two approaches to select ...
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