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How can we predict a value after several rows of data?

I have a regression problem in which for each week I have several rows (variable between rows i.e 1 week might have 1800 rows and other might have 5000 rows). My target is to predict a value at end of ...
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Where can I find free multi-instance single-label datasets for object detection?

I'm trying to find free multi-instance single-label datasets for object detection online. By "multi-instance and single-label" I mean that each image contains only object belonging to one ...
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Reducing High generalization-error on industrial fault data

I have a industrial dataset containing labeled machine data for fault classification(3 classes: 1 ok, 2 for faults). The problem is that i have less (~16) different machines, thus iam currently having ...
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CNN with Multi channel input or CNN with Multi instance learning?

I have 500 Dicom images of medical scan of patients. These are 3 dimension scans , shape = [300 x 300 x 3]. From these I have extracted Front and side views. So, for each patient I have 2 images of ...
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SMOTE for multi-instance learning i.e num_rows(x_train) > num_rows(y_train)

I have an imbalanced dataset and I wish to predict classes(0 or 1). Sample x_train: ...
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Text classification with multiple documents per labeled datapoint

I have a dataset with a label TRUE or FALSE for each person, but each person has multiple documents associated with them (emails ...
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