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Is there a list of neural style transfer architectures?

I'm trying to choose what neural style transfer architecture to use but I can't find a centralized list of all possible architectures I could choose from. Is there a place I could find this or could ...
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Does there exist a "content transfer" like a neural style transfer?

Normally, a neural style operation works by taking a content image and a style image. A third image is optimized to have the same content as the content image and the same style as the style image by ...
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How to perform Style Transfer in 2021

I would like to perform the task described in A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style which applies the style of an image to a different image. This paper dates back to 2015 and there has been a lot of ...
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Style transfer model outputs only zero valued pixels

Currently implementing the style transfer model proposed in the article Arbitrary Style Transfer in Real-time with Adaptive Instance Normalization. The model takes two RGB images as input: one content ...
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How neural style transfer work in pytorch?

I am using this pytorch script to learn and understand neural style transfer. I understood most part of the code but having some hard time understanding some parts of the code. In ...
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NLP : variations of a text without modifying it's meaning

I am currently working on the automation of recurring reports (weekly 30-50 pages reports for around 100 districts). Those reports have a mostly fixed form : maps, graphs, data tables and small zone ...
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Can BERT embeddings be used to reproduce the original content of the text?

From what I understand, BERT provides contextualized embeddings that are not deterministic the way Word2Vec embeddings (i.e. the word "Queen" doesn't always produce the same vector, it'll be different ...
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Can I save only some VGG19's layers into a .H5 file?

I am training a deep-learning style transfer model with the pretrained-VGG19 CNN. My aim is to use it in my Android app for personal purposes with Google Firebase Machine Learning Kit (which would ...
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Neural style transfer loss fucntion

In the loss function between generated image and content image, we calculate the error taking the only activation of the corresponding channel but for calculation of loss function between style and ...
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Reconstructing input image from layers of a CNN

I've been trying to implement neural style transfer as described in this paper here According to the paper, we can visualise the information at different processing stages in the CNN by ...
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Can I use an ANN to translate image output from one sensor to simulate output from another sensor?

Say, for instance, if I had image data from one high resolution digital camera and wanted to make it look like it was taken from another, lower resolution, digital camera? Would training input/output ...
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AWS EC2 Segmentation Fault (core dumped) issue with fast-style-transfer

I'm trying to utilize AWS EC2 p2.xlarge instance to convert images using style-transfer code given in this git repo:, yet when the input file ...
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Loss plateaus off in neural style transfer

I am writing an implementation of style transfer by loading a vgg model from keras and supplying it to a tensorflow model. I am using an adam optimizer. The loss function is reducing but it is very ...
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How to convert night image to day image?

I have set of night images which I will be using for self driving. But I want to convert those images into day images. I have developed algorithm based on day image but it is not good for night images ...
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Is Neural Style Transfer considered supervised or unsupervised learning?

As far as I understand it, the Neural Style Transfer uses a content image and a style image, and generate a new image based on the two images. It tries to find a set of pixel values such that the ...
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