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Normality score

Having the following distributions (actual and predicted), Hist 1 to 3 (left to right). I would like to get a score ranging from 0-1 of how close the actual distribution is to be normal. I've found a ...
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SAS Studio seems to imply that apparently non-normal data is normal

I have some data I'm trying to analyze in SAS Studio (university edition). I am using the Distribution Analysis feature to try to test some data for normality. It gives me the following histogram: ...
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Interpretation of the output from qqPlot (using car library)

Basically, I have created a linear model and am testing to verify the normality of my errors. As a result, I have used the qqPlot function from the car library and have gotten the graph that can be ...
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How to find a probability distribution the parameters of which do not impact each other like mean and variance in normal distribution do?

I need to find a probability distribution to fit my data. My data has two important features, duration and activity count. Duration means how long one sequence lasts and activity count means the ...
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The tag on feature-scaling says "zero mean" and unit variance. Is it correct?

The tag on feature scaling says: Popular feature scaling types include scaling the data to have zero mean and unit variance, and scaling the data between a given minimum and maximum value. It is ...
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