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GNU Octave is a free and open-source mathematical software package and scripting language. The scripting language is intended to be compatible with MATLAB, but the two packages are not interchangeable. Don’t use both the [matlab] and [octave] tags, unless the question is explicitly about the similarities or differences between the two.

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Python function returning a 4x4 matrix instead of a floating number like in an equivalent Octave function in a Linear Regression problem

I am trying to translate code from Octave to Python, and I am stuck. I am aware they are libraries out there such as scikit-learn etc., but for my own learnin,g I would like to be able to implement ...
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How do I plot data in Octave?

I wanted to plot a data in Octave for a logistic regression problem my teacher in my university assigned me to solve. Let's say the input-training features is a matrix X and output is y=1 or y=0 To ...
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3 answers

Is GNU Octave a perfect place to code neural networks

GNU Octave is used for its simplicity and compiling speed to write numerical algorithms (such as eg machine learning problems), but I wanted to know if I can also use it for faster coding of neural ...
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What are the differences and advantages of TensorFlow and Octave for machine learning?

I have been exploring the different libraries and languages you can use in order to implement machine learning. During this, I have stumbled upon a library TensorFlow and Octave(a high-level ...
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Octave or python for implementing Machine Learning [closed]

When is the need to learn octave or Mat Lab for Machine Learning? Are these required if you are proficient in python?
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How exp(-z) is working in a sigmoid function in neural networks while z is a matrix?

function g = sigmoid(z) %SIGMOID Compute sigmoid function %J = SIGMOID(z) computes the sigmoid of z. g = 1.0 ./ (1.0 + exp(-z)); end I'm going through the ...
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Higher dimension data visualization in Matlab/Octave

I am working on sparse recovery for a classification task. I use Pine hyperspectral dataset which is a freely available dataset and this image contains 200 Dimension (Depth/channels/bands). In ...
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Problem with calculating error rate for KNN

I am trying to validate the accuracy of my KNN algorithm for the movie rating prediction. I have $2$ vectors: $Y$ - with the real ratings, $Y'$ - with predicted ones. When I calculate Standard ...
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Plot 2D function: do I need to pass all the values to the function?

I'm new with Octave and I need to plot this function: ...
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How do I implement the sigmoid function in Octave? [closed]

so given that the sigmoid function is defined as hθ(x) = g(θ^(T)x), how can I implement this funcion in Octave given that g = zeros(size(z)) ?
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How can I use octave function minimizers in c++? [closed]

I have downloaded and built octave library and it works fine . But I cannot call function minimizers like fminunc() , fmingc() ...
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Trying determining degree polynomial for polynomical regression

I'm trying to predict the birth weight baby using polynomial regression model. First what I need know what degree polynomial should fit better to my data. In order to do that I split my dataset in ...
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Please suggest some simple functions that I can use to test my neural network implementation

I am a beginner and I have developed code in Octave to train a neural network (as part of Andrew Ng's coursera course). Now I would like to generate some datasets in Excel for simple mathematical ...
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Applying neural network for simple x^2 function for demonstration purpose [closed]

I have tried to train a neural network for a simple x^2 function I developed training data in excel. First column (X) is =RANDBETWEEN(-5,5) i.e random integer between -5 and 5 Second column ...
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Clarification about Octave data size limit

I'm just starting to work on a relatively large dataset after ML course in Coursera. Trying to work on Got an accuracy of 5.2 in training and ...
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K-Means clustering for mixed numeric and categorical data

My data set contains a number of numeric attributes and one categorical. Say, NumericAttr1, NumericAttr2, ..., NumericAttrN, CategoricalAttr, where ...
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