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Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) is an open source machine learning library used primarily for computer visions applications. OpenCV contains over 2,500 optimized algorithms (including state of the art computer vision ones).

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Classifier not predicting real data

I'm trying to train a classifier to recognize my own signature. This is how I built my classifier How did I collect data? Signed on a piece of paper for 50 times and created 50 images out of it. for ...
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Opencv kmeans predict equivalent

I'm moving my project from Python's libraries to opencv, and I have one big problem. In Python skylearn, I have kmeans object, which has two useful methods: fit_predict and fit, which both are ...
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Image processing algorithm [closed]

Can you give me a idea about image processing segmentation algorithm invariant to light that can be implemented in Opencv in Jupyter Notebook?Please!
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Bounding box coordinates prediction

How to pass multiple bounding boxes coordinates to CNN model?My goal is to predict the coordinates of texts in an image.
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Is it possible to detect a person using facial recognition on the fly?

I am working on a small app for face detection in Python using face_recognition and opencv libraries. I have trained the data ...
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Importing TensorFlow trained model in OpenCV

I want to import a TensorFlow pretrained model in OpenCV dnn C++ module. How can this be done? Are there any examples available?
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Python : Feature Matching + Homography to find Multiple Objects

I'm trying to use OpenCV via Python to find multiple objects in a train image and match it with the key points detected from a query image. For my case, I'm trying to detect the tennis courts in the ...
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