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ACF and PACF Autocorrelation

I have been trying to Understand correlation and tried it on my project and need help interpreting for a my case and in general. I have the following results but finding it hard to interpret. click ...
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ARIMA predictions look shifted by one unit of time

I am using statsmodels ARIMA (1,2,1) to predict the monthly demand for a product. The predictions look like they are shifted to the right by one month. I wonder if the statsmodels.ARIMA.Residuals....
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Understanding plotted ACF on stationary time-series data

I made time-series data stationary and plotter ACF & PCF, while PCF looks fine, I do not know how to interpretate ACF, as it looks like this - I could not say it geometrical. For PACF - it is ...
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PACF for Airline Passengers dataset: What's wrong?

The airline passengers dataset is available here, but it also comes with in R. I'm working with python, and I import the following (besides the usual like pandas and numpy.) ...
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