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Questions tagged [pipelines]

A pipeline is a sequence of functions (or the equivalent thereof), composed so that the output of one is input for the next, in order to create a compound transformation. Famously, a shell pipeline looks like "command | command2 | command3" (but use the tag "pipe" for this). It's also used in computer architecture to define a sequence of serial stages that execute in parallel over elements being fed into a pipe, in order to increase the overall throughput.

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What is the best\correct data split approach over time-series data to compare performance of forecasting future data among ML and DL regressors?

Let's say I have dataset contains a timestamp (non-standard timestamp column without datetime format) as a single feature and count as Label/target to predict ...
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Possible harm in standardizing one-hot encoded features

While there may not be any added value in standardizing one-hot encoded features prior to applying linear models, is there is any harm in doing so (i.e., affecting model performance)? Standardizing ...
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Why GridSearchCV returns nan?

I am using gridsearchcv to tune the parameters of my model and I also use pipeline and cross-validation. When I run the model to tune the parameter of XGBoost, it returns ...
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How to make a pipeline for Videos Dataset for TensorFlow [Sequence Matters] & train Model Effectively with Low Memory System

I am working on a Deep Learning project and I am facing an issue with the size of the dataset. I want to make a pipeline for video dataset [Sequence Matters]. Because if I try the load the whole ...
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Compare cross validation and test set results

I am having a hard time understanding the results of a cross validation test and a test run on a test set. First I made the following pipeline: ...
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determining size of batch, time of sending and memory in to send from scala to ML section

I have a time series (sampling time: 66.66 micro second, number of samples/sampling time=151), I would like to determine some anomalies in them, the inputs are made by scala customer message bus. ...
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