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Poisson is a discrete probability distribution in statistics that is popular in probabilistic modeling (including in Bayesian statistics) as well as business forecasting.

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Using scipy poisson, is it possible to calculate lambda if given random variable (k) and cumulative density function (p) when k is a large value?

I'm learning the Poisson distribution and am trying to "backward" calculate lambda if given a random value (k) and cumulative density function value (p). My k value is rather large, over 200,...
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How can I obtain the mean of a Poisson distribution given the first improbable point of the distribution?

I generated a Poisson distribution with mean equal to 3 and 10000 samples by using np.random.poisson(3,10000). The plot is the following: from this plot I see that ...
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Is there R functions that allow to test for overdispersion when fitting a model with survey design?

I realized I need to use the package survey to be able to include sample weights in my regression analysis. Initially, I wanted to use a negative binomial regression on each one of my outcomes as ...
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MLE for Poisson conditioned on multivariate Gaussian?

I am writing some Python code to fit 2D Gaussians to fluorescent emitters on a dark background to determine the subpixel-resolution (x, y) position of the fluorescent emitter. The crude, pixel-...
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Difficulty understanding the difference between Poisson, Quasi-Poisson, and Negative Binomial models

I will try to keep this short. As an assignment for my GLM course, we were given a dataset on the # of homicide victims a person knows, as well as the race of the person. The main idea is to answer ...
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regression by grouping the dependent variable

I have a large dataset exploring the effects of the independent variables on the dependent variable using Poisson regression since the dependent variable is a count variable. However, the range of the ...
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How to implement large-scale Poisson Regression in Python

I am trying to implement a Poisson Regression in Python to predict rates. I am dealing with a ton of data (too much to store in a DataFrame), which means that using the standard statsmodels.api GLM ...
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Poisson distribution, Standard deviation, fitting line

Let's say I have system A, B, C, and D. Each system contains 10,000 numbers generated by Poisson distribution. The difference is the mean is different for different systems. I calculated the std dev ...
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Poisson model with overdisperssion

I'm working with a dataset $X$ (of length $N$) of count data, which looks like: I developed a statistical model which can be improved, so I'm asking for any suggestions, for instance, differnet ...
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