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Probability distribution for lstm and mlp

I have total of 6300 samples, 5800 of which are training data, and 500 of which are testing data. We compare the performance of LSTM and multilayer perceptron (MLP) with one hidden layer in terms of ...
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Why is Precision-Recall AUC different from Average Precision score?

I have been calculating the area under the Precision-Recall curve (AUPRC) using the code snippet below: ...
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How can I measure the precision and Recall?

I did semantic search using query and the total relevant documents should be 12 documents but my model retrieve 5 relevant documents only so the irrelevant are 7 documents. how can i calculate the ...
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PR AUC curve with drop in precision

I have this PR AUC plot, with both PCA and autoencoder related curves having a huge drop of precision in the beginning and then increasing again, with PCA hitting 0 as you can see in the zoomed in ...
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Is there a way to focus mainly on high precision when fitting a tree model?

I have a dataset with 95% false and 5% true labels, some 200000 samples overall, I'm fitting a LightGBM model. I mainly need to focus on high precision and have low number of false positives, I don't ...
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How to improve accuracy on a single class out of 3 classes in model

I am training a classification model with 3 classes using a deep neural network. The classes have been resampled and balanced. I have around 600000 samples... equally distributed. The dataset is also ...
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Mean Average Precision with 11 points interpolation method Python libs

I want to calculate mAP with 11 points interpolation method for object detection, as described here: What ...
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Can I use macro recall to check if my RF model is overfitting?

I have a dataset with 837377 observations (51% to train, 25% to validation and 24% to test) and 19 features. I calculated the recall score using average macro for train, validation and test and ...
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How to increase , precision-recall value in your Deep learning model

I am getting good accuracy metrics around 80 with precision =66, recall =37, F1 =47. How can I improve precision, and recall metrics in anomaly detection scenarios.. any suggestions?
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Precision vs probability

Say I have a model which predicts a class $C_i$ from an input $X$, with a probability of 0.95 i.e $P(C_i| X)=0.95$. That would mean that if we do this over and over, then 95/100 times we would be ...
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Plotting a no-skill model in a precision-recall curve

I am following this tutorial to apply threshold tuning using precision-recall curve for an imbalanced dataset Within the tutorial, a no-skill model is defined as: A no-skill model is represented by a ...
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