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Questions tagged [privacy]

For questions related to the intersection of privacy and data science topics. This may include appropriate uses of data, collection techniques, anonymity, etc.

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Is it unethical to gather data from data leaks about demographics?

Sorry if this is the wrong SE, but in my mind it made the most sense to ask this here. My question is related to specifically collecting information about a target demographic, not individuals which ...
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How can I ensure anonymity with queries to small datasets?

I'm building a service that will contain personal data relating to real people. Initially the dataset will be quite small, and as such it may be possible to identify individuals if the search ...
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Does opting out of having my content used for improvement mean there are no other forms of data retention of my content by OpenAI?

Regarding the use of OpenAI API, Terms of Use at OpenAI mentions: You can opt out of having Content used for improvement by contacting with your organization ID. Please note that ...
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The Israeli MOH databases on Covid patient numbers have a lower cutoff value on published numbers of patients. How does this protect privacy?

The Israeli ministry of health reports many statistics on Covid patients (Numbers of confirmed cases, hospitalizations, people in quarantine - Divided by age and other demographics) available here (...
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What is the best way for synthetic data generation while maintaining privacy?

For one of the projects where we are working as third party contractors, we need a way for the company to share some datasets which can be used for data science. It is not possible for the company to ...
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Un-learning a single training example from a trained model

I was going through the paper "The ML Test Score: A Rubric for ML Production Readiness and Technical Debt Reduction" by google on which suggests best practices for models in production. In a section ...
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Is it possible to use a generative model to "share" private data?

Let's say we have some data set, with lots of instances $X$ and a target $y$. If it is of some importance, you may assume that it is a "real life" data set : medium sized, with important correlations, ...
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DBMS or Software for privacy sensitive data

We have a dataset of very privacy sensitive people data and want to build a database with it. The data protection department in our company doesn't like the idea that the data scientists are able to ...
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How to anonymize (de-identify) data in Python?

I have tried a simple algorithm to anonymize the data using the de-identification technique. But the code doesn't work for me. I want to anonymize the data by slightly changing the values of strings ...
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How to write custom de-identification algorithm in Python?

I have tried a simple algorithm to anonymize my data using the de-identification technique. But the code doesn't work for me. I want to anonymize the data by slightly changing the values. The data ...
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Privacy through moving averages?

I am considering the following hypothetical situation: I have a time series of data. In general, 'the public' should have access to features of this data. However, making the time series available ...
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Noisification of categorical data proportions for privacy-preservation

Imagine I'm conducting an ongoing poll asking people's favourite animal out of a list of animals, [cat, dog, penguin, chimpanzee, ...] etc. I want to provide an ...
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