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How to interpret a Bayesian neural network prediction for binary classification in comparison to deterministic neural network?

Allow me to clarify my current understanding: Interpreting a binary classification prediction made by a deterministic neural network On one hand, point estimates fall on a sigmoid curve (between 0-1, ...
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Bayes posteriograms

My main objective is to predict the posterior probability of an individual belonging to one of the classes, using Bayes theorem. The information I have is: value of the data point mean and stdev of ...
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Bayes net inference in Pyro

I am familiar with Bayes nets (discrete/continuous/hybrid). I recently started to learn basics of Pyro and tried to model simple Bayes nets as Pyro programs. I also noticed the simple example answered ...
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Laplacian smoothing on Class Probability (Naive bayes)

I am implementing a Naive Bayes classifier in Python from scratch. The instructions I have asks that I incorporate Laplacian Smoothing with K=1 to computing the probability that a message belongs to a ...
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