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Is it possible to train probabilistic model to return several distributions?

I have nonlinear data of function y(x), which is let's say parabolic. At some points of x there are several y's (look at the picture). Is it possible to train a probabilistic model to return several ...
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Layman's description of PDF and CDF [closed]

Can anyone please explain what a PDF and CDF are in simple words. (Please don't define it from wiki.)
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What's the difference between probabilistic programming such as pyro and belief networks?

I heard about ubers pyro and stumbled upon this Wikipedia article. As I understand, a bayesian network is the same as a belief network according to this post. Does someone know how these are related?...
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the probability distribution of dependent variables

There are three variables, X3 is a function of X1 and X2, ...
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How to generate a sample from a generative model like a Restricted Boltzmann Machine?

I am learning about the Boltzmann machine. So far, I have successfully written a code that can learn the coefficients of the energy function of a Restricted Boltzmann Machine. Now, since my model is ...
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PyMC3 do not converge

I'm trying to run a simple logistic regression on PyMC3. Here the code: ...
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How to interpret a Bayesian neural network prediction for binary classification in comparison to deterministic neural network?

Allow me to clarify my current understanding: Interpreting a binary classification prediction made by a deterministic neural network On one hand, point estimates fall on a sigmoid curve (between 0-1, ...
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Bayes posteriograms

My main objective is to predict the posterior probability of an individual belonging to one of the classes, using Bayes theorem. The information I have is: value of the data point mean and stdev of ...
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Bayes net inference in Pyro

I am familiar with Bayes nets (discrete/continuous/hybrid). I recently started to learn basics of Pyro and tried to model simple Bayes nets as Pyro programs. I also noticed the simple example answered ...
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Laplacian smoothing on Class Probability (Naive bayes)

I am implementing a Naive Bayes classifier in Python from scratch. The instructions I have asks that I incorporate Laplacian Smoothing with K=1 to computing the probability that a message belongs to a ...
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What is the quantity sold for a specific fruit & country combination?

What is the algorithm that generates these potential quantities that meet the given criteria? Essentially - there are number of quantities for a fruit and country combination. E.g: ...
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How to make model for Multivariate timeseries using tensorflow probability structural model?

I have done modelling for Univariate timeseries but while using multivariate time series ( independent features) not able to ...
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