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Questions tagged [prompt-engineering]

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Prompt Ops Alternatives

What are the main alternatives for prompt ops nowadays? By prompt ops, I mean a comprehensive solution for tracking prompt engineering experiments and also registering prompts in different stages, ...
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Why does prompt engineering work, since prompt engineering questions don't appear as training data?

One can find advice on prompt engineering telling basically the following thing: if you are seeking advice about a topic X, start your prompt to an LLM by You are an expert in X, you have pedagogical ...
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What is system prompt in fine tuning of GPT3.5 for natural language to sql queries

What exactly is a system prompt while finetuning GPT3.5 or a language model in general? How can I build system prompt for the task of converting natural language to SQL queries
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How does RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation ) work around limited context length?

My understanding of the RAG pipeline can be summarized with the following diagram: I understand steps 1-7 splits and vectorizes an external text data source into chunks and steps 8-11 retrieves n ...
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Decision Metrics for Selecting Promopt Structures: Creating a Prompt-Based System

I'm currently working on developing a system that generates various prompts structures (such as tree of thoughts, chain of thoughts, etc.) in response to user prompts. However, I'm facing a challenge ...
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data verctorizing of a free text field to get better responses of the prompt

wonder if best practices are existing to approach the solution "what kind of vectorizing of a input filed" is the best for my use-case. Model, size and others can have a significant impact ...
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Does Negative Prompting Exist?

All the prompt engineering techniques I've seen seem to focus on telling the model what to do e.g. Few-Shot Prompting. Is there any value in giving the model examples of what not to do? Can you link ...
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