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facebook prophet interaction terms

I have a univariate time series data on an hourly basis of patient census. I ran an ARIMA model with interactions on daily and weekly seasonality (periods t=24 and t=168 respectively) and found the ...
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Multivariate time series forecasting - model selection

I have historical data on customer contracts. I know the date a customer terminated their contract and the date they notified of this termination. For example, a customer could end their contract in ...
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Which ML algorithm is suitable for a dataset that has seasonality and trend?

I have a small dataset from 2006 to 2023, I would like to predict monthly sales for the next year. This is my data: I already tried Prophet and NeuralProphet, but unfortunately they don't work well ...
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Supervised or Unsupervised Learning Classification: Facebook Prophet vs. ARIMA

I'm currently exploring time series forecasting and considering the use of Facebook's Prophet and ARIMA models. I'm a bit confused about whether these approaches fall under supervised or unsupervised ...
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how to increase the accuracy of Prophet model?

I have a dataset representing the number of tickets over two years. I have used the prophrt model to predict make a prediction but the results don't seem to be accurate. The code for the model is as ...
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RMSE too high when trying to create a machine learning model in Python

I am new using Python/ML. Right now, I am trying to create a model to forecast the expected call volume for a company. However, the RMSE that I am getting is higher than expected Here is my code. I ...
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How to use categorical data in forecasting with Prophet?

I'm trying to create a model to predict the number of players on a video game at a certain time and was trying to figure out how to integrate categorical data into my forecasting problem. So far, my ...
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