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T-Test on Libre Office

The p-value for the paired t-test function on LibreOffice is different for whether data is sorted and unsorted, to the point where the p-value is not reliable. The t critical value has stayed the same ...
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Do we need to apply "multi-testing" corrections for the p-values in a regularized model?

Say we are fitting a penalized model, such as a linear regression with lasso regularization. We expect to obtain a model with the most significant covariables. The method starts with many covariables ...
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Statistical significance in multiple groups

What is the most appropriate test to validate significance in the case I'm comparing multiple different groups? e.g. I have different groups of ages (teenager, young, adult, elderly) and a conversion ...
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P value calculation for stacked LSTM model for binary classification

I need to calculate the P-value for a stacked LSTM model. Does that mean that I need to run the model multiple times and consider the null hypothesis that the model's accuracy is almost the same ...
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p-value of chi squared test is exactly 0.0

I need to do a chi square test of two of my dataset's categorical variables. This two variables have basically the same meaning but comes from two different sources, so my idea is to use a chi square ...
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T-test against normalised or standardised data gives different results

I am studying the problem to predict popularity of a tweet, and want to test null hypothesis: there is no relationships between favorite_counts and another set of variables, like number of friends of ...
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Low P value in Chi-squared test but low coefficient in logistic regression

I ran a chi squared test on multiple features & also used these features to build a binary classifier using logistic regression. The feature which had the least p value (~0.1) had a low ...
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Multiple Hypotheses in python

I want to write a method to test multiple hypotheses for a pair of schools (say TAMU and UT Austin). I want to consider all possible pairs of words (Research Thesis Proposal AI Analytics), and ...
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p-value and effect size

Is it correct to say that the lower the p-value is the higher is the difference between the two means of the two groups in the t-test? For example, if I apply the t-test between two groups of ...
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Levene test for equal variance

I would like to run one-way ANOVA test on my data. I saw that one of several assumptions for one-way ANOVA is that there needs to be homogeneity of variances. I have run the test for different data-...
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how do I calculate p-value?

I need to calculate statistical significance of difference between two time series, each with 4500 terms. My null hypothesis is that $H_0: \mu=\mu_0$. How can I calculate p-value? Is Z-statistic ...
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