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How to find optimized combinations of values in input columns that produces the values in output column

I have multiple input columns that produce an output column. I want to find optimized combinations of the values in the input columns that produce the values in the output column. For eg: So, the ...
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Pycaret cross validation scores are way lower than unseen test set scores

How come the cross-validation model scores are much lower than the model scores on an unseen dataset? ...
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How to change this humorous output style in pycaret+colab?

My eyes are on fire. I checked the documents, there is just an option to disable all outputs, and I just need to clean this dirty yellow cells. Thanks for any help.
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How to predict customer churn by a certain date?

I have a dataset of inactive users for the last 365 days, with columns: When subscribed (e.g. 10.10.2022) When unsubscribed (e.g. 12.10.2022) and client info I also have a set of data about active ...
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Who to make IsolationForest more sensitive to single-feature outliers?

I am using IsolationForest with pycaret. I find that the algorithm identifies instances where many features are somewhat different, but when most features are ...
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