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Resources on data science errors?

I am putting together some material on common mistakes that occur in data science. The problem, is people often don't talk about the mistakes that everyone has made. Are there any good resources of ...
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Making predictions with limited user generated data

We've trained a ML model and deployed it to production. The trained ML model uses about 50-60 features. A user inputs set of information on our platform which is nowhere close to all the features that ...
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How does amazon's reviews that mention extracts topics from reviews?

Amazon product page contains a section called Reviews that mention. The section lists the main things that users liked or dislike about the product. For example see ...
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Working with three types of data: numeric (integer, floats), images, and text for prediction

So I have three types of data (in title) and am wondering how I can combine the data. The target is numeric (price). My idea is to perform feature extraction on both the images and text, which would ...
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What approach should I take for my product classification ML model with user feedback for improving result accuracy?

I'm trying to implement a product categorization ML model on a dataset with the following structure: Data sample I want to my model to be able to predict the correct category that the product should ...
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