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Amazon Redshift is a petabyte-scale data warehousing service using existing business intelligence tools to analyze the data. Redshift is a column-oriented database based on ParAccel (MPP over PostgreSQL 8.0).

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To datawarehouse or not to data warehouse?

I was wondering if you will be as so kind to assist me with a quick question (will to be happy to explain more if you are willing to...). I am researching and setting up a system to do a machine ...
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Finding change maximum change in the value using Redshift

Following is the problem I want to solve. But I don't know how to implement it. I am using Redshift to store data. Following is the format of the data stored in Redshift. It is sales history for ...
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Out of Memory Error when Selecting Data from Redshift Table

I am selecting data from Amazon Redshift Table with 500 millions rows. I have 64bit python installed. code ...
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Big Data - Data Warehouse Solutions?

I have a dozen of databases that stores different data, and each of them are 100TBs in size. All of the data is stored in AWS services such as RDS, Aurora and Dynamo. Many times I find myself need to ...
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Using regex in redshift to find dollar values

I have a field in a Redshift table that has user-generated text. The field is where users can say how much they think something costs. Ideally it'd just be a decimal, but it's varchar. So users can ...
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