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Data Analysis Process

How do you feed data from a data warehouse to Python for ad-hoc analysis? My day-to-day work is to answer ad-hoc questions, and 95% of the data I need is in our data warehouse. I often query data from ...
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Best way to store "small" data

I have a small dataset consisting of around 200 measurements of different light sources. The light is measured with a broadband and an IR diode, and the resulting voltage is sampled it with 4 ...
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Pushing down Group By clause [closed]

I've studied this exercise in class But I cannot figure out why, when I push down the Group By clause, I can remove RLCode attribute from GroupBy. Does this action change the meaning of query tree?
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Do DBMS decrease Memory requirements?

I finished my Economics thesis using RStudio, but my script was very slow due to massive RAM consumption during the process. My Case I had a massive dataset (stock prices in daily frequency for 10 ...
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Storing Big Matrix in DataBase

I have a mysql database with the following format: id string 1 foo1... 2 foo2... .. ... There are >100k entries in this db. What I want ...
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Relational Data Mining without ILP

I have a huge dataset from a relational database which I need to create a classification model for. Normally for this situation I would use Inductive Logic Programming (ILP), but due to special ...
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The data in our relational DBMS is getting big, is it the time to move to NoSQL?

We created a social network application for eLearning purposes. It's an experimental project that we are researching on in our lab. It has been used in some case studies for a while and the data in ...
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