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Questions tagged [reproducibility]

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Passing the Parallel API tests in PettingZoo for custom multi-agent environment

from pettingzoo.test import ( parallel_api_test, parallel_seed_test, max_cycles_test, performance_benchmark, ) I have a custom multiagent ...
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0 answers

Reproducibility issue between GPU graphic cards for DNN Tensorflow models

I am facing reproducibility issues on my DNN (Tensorflow, Keras) models when using different GPU cards. For example, when I use two a100 cards, I would be able to reproduce my results. If I use one ...
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Having problems replicating the results of a series of N LASSOs fit to N datasets in R

I have fit n LASSO Regressions on n different data sets (the 'datasets' object is an R list of length n where each element is a data.table which is a light and fast data frame from the data.table ...
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