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Validation accuracy dip and recovery when restarting training

i was fine-tuning this large language model with Stochastic Gradient Descent and mid epoch i stopped training, and saved the model weights. Then at a later time, reloaded the weights and restarted the ...
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Is balancing imbalanced validation set for retraining model after hyperparameter tuning required?

The following are basic steps to modelling, but would like to ask in the case of imbalanced data, is balancing of train dataset required when retraining model on train + validation set after ...
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Retraining a TFlite Model for Fall Detection on Smartphone Accelerometer Data

I have developed a CNN model for Fall Detection using Keras and converted it to a TFlite(TensorFlow Lite) model for integration into an Android app. The app allows users to collect samples, which can ...
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How do you retrain a model as new data comes in?

I'm just curious about real ML projects on production. I was wondering what is the way to go to retrain your models when you get new data? for example, let's suppose you've built a model with 2023 ...
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Is it a good idea to retrain ML model on new observations with labels predicted by model itself?

in the company where I work we retrain ML models regularly every day. Now we started to experiment with retraining a model by new observations with labels predicted by model itself. I've tried to ...
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Using the results of clustering to retrain a neural network

I am following and expanding upon previous work from the winner of the Melanoma Classification from here. The dataset has 9 classes. The competition is only interested in the one class (Melanoma). I ...
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How to proceed when training data change frequently (in production)?

I'm working with a Recommendation System that would take as parameters a bunch of "tweets" a user see during his navegation on a mobile app. Every tweet has a property, like a category (...
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