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Retraining a TFlite Model for Fall Detection on Smartphone Accelerometer Data

I have developed a CNN model for Fall Detection using Keras and converted it to a TFlite(TensorFlow Lite) model for integration into an Android app. The app allows users to collect samples, which can ...
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Matlab - Machine Learning: Hyperparameter tuning of a fitcecoc - model + training it on new data

I have trained a logistic regression multi-class model in Matlab for multi-class classification using XTrainSet_A / YTrainSet_A, look at this simplified code: ...
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How do you retrain a model as new data comes in?

I'm just curious about real ML projects on production. I was wondering what is the way to go to retrain your models when you get new data? for example, let's suppose you've built a model with 2023 ...
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Is it a good idea to retrain ML model on new observations with labels predicted by model itself?

in the company where I work we retrain ML models regularly every day. Now we started to experiment with retraining a model by new observations with labels predicted by model itself. I've tried to ...
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Using the results of clustering to retrain a neural network

I am following and expanding upon previous work from the winner of the Melanoma Classification from here. The dataset has 9 classes. The competition is only interested in the one class (Melanoma). I ...
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How to proceed when training data change frequently (in production)?

I'm working with a Recommendation System that would take as parameters a bunch of "tweets" a user see during his navegation on a mobile app. Every tweet has a property, like a category (...
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