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Questions tagged [reward]

A reward is the network feedback in a reinforcement-learning setting. Reward functions describe how an agent is awarded for its actions in a given state.

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Illegal action reward strategy for reinforcement learning : reward shaping and termination / truncation

I have some questions about strategy to adopt regarding illagal action handling in reinforcement learning (Stable Baselines 3 / SAC algo). First is about reward shaping, second is about terminating / ...
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Train Reward Model using Llama2:

this is my code that use to train reward model: ...
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How to write a reward function that optimizes for profit and revenue?

So I want to write a reward function for a reinforcement learning model which picks products to display to a customer. Each product has a profit margin %. Higher price products will have a higher ...
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What is a good reward function when objective is to minimize the average along with the variance?

I am trying to formulate a problem where we are trying to minimize the average resource allocated to different users. Due to some inherent properties of the environment, some users can be easily ...
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