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Size of datasets over years

I am looking for statistics, to understand the evolution of the size of the (public) dataset over the years. I just found the following statistics: The poll of KDnuggets that actually shows that over ...
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What algorithm should I use when trying to find closest record matches when records contain both categorical and discrete attributes?

I have 100000 records that have discrete features like topic (analytics etc) and categorical features like ticket details (eg: I need help with analytics for my business). When creating a new record, ...
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Can pre-trained transformers (I.e., BERT) handle numerical/spatial data

I’m curious to know if pre-trained transformers could handle search queries that include numerical data or make references to spatial relationships. Take an example dataset of a list of restaurants, ...
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Item position in Gravity Search Algorithm

According to this article titled Efficient clustering in collaborative filtering recommender system: Hybrid method based on genetic algorithm and gravitational emulation local search algorithm This ...
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Options to find the most similar question in a dataset of question-answer pairs?

I am building a chatbot that will only handle FAQs, but these FAQs are very specific to an organisation, so I cannot use any existing off-the-shelf solutions, or connect to question-answering APIs. I ...
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Search Query Sample Size Determination for validation set

While designing a search system, which searches in N identifiable categories, how many search queries does one need in each category to validate the target metric (DCG) scores accurately (balanced ...
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large database operation. check for relatedness between entities

I have one small list of entities, such as: Russia Vladimir Moscow Then I have a massive database of JSON indices. For each entry there are multiple alpha-...
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Search for documents with similar texts

I have a document with three attributes: tags, location, and text. Currently, I am indexing all of them using LangChain/pgvector/embeddings. I have satisfactory results, but I want to know if there is ...
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What is the state of art production search algorithm right now for semantic search? LSH? or other clustering method?

Trying to implement semantic search for high cardinality embedding for my own learning purpose, so far LSH seems promising, but I am wondering what is the state of algorithm big tech company are using ...
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How to label a dataset of text pairs to use it as a universal one for calculating the precision@k metric for different models?

I am facing a semantic search problem. I am fine tuning different NLU models and i want to use precision@k as my main metric. Is it possible to label a dataset of text pairs to use it as a universal ...
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Purpose of Azure Cognitive Search

Azure provides a service called Cognitive Search which is an intelligent AI-based search service based on advanced NLP. I tried this feature. And to make the search as efficient as possible, it ...
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Semantic search with pretrained BERT models giving irrelevant results with high similarity

I'm trying to create a Semantic search system and have experimented with multiple pretrained models from the SentenceTransformers library: LaBSE, MS-MARCO etc. The system is working well in returning ...
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Combining Textual, Categorical and Numerical data for Semantic Search using SentenceTransformers model

I'm building a food semantic search model and I want to use a pre-trained SentenceTransformers model with cosine similarity. I'm using Epicurious dataset for the corpus which consists of textual (&...
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Search recall optimization - what appropriate loss function to use?

I am studying machine learning and wanted to work on a project of my own so that I have better chances after graduating college. I'm studying the application of ML to improve searches using a toy ...
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