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Self driving has to do with the branch of machine learning and data science that focuses on the development, testing, or implementation of autonomous vehicles (AV).

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Tips regarding using a CNN to teach a model car (JetRacer) to park

I'm using a model car which can be remotely controlled and which has a front facing camera. My goal is to train a CNN which would be able to efficiently park this car in a simple environment (pictured ...
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How to model the probability of detecting an image, given it is seen multiple times

Are there any existing methods/models describing the probability of an object being detected by a computer vision algorithm given it is seen $n$ times at similar angles and orientations? I know that ...
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machine learning disasters

I am writing a research paper and I am looking for reliable sources that provide information on disasters of machine learning. Especially in the field of autonomous driving. Have there been any ...
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Is my dataset unbalanced?

So I'm trying to implement Nvidia's end to end driving paper to simply have an agent in Carla follow the lanes. I'm trying to predict the steering angle of the car based on the RGB images from the ...
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Self-driving AI model starts overfitting

I'm trying to make a self-driving AI that can drive around in GTA-San Andreas by following sentdex's videos on making a self-driving AI for GTA-V but my model always starts to overfit after 4 epochs ...
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Synchronizing Multiple Cameras in Autonomous Driving

Please forgive the naivity of this question, it's just due to lack of experience. It goes without saying that self-driving cars have up to 8 cameras and more that do various vision related tasks: ...
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Best approach for a simple self driving car

I'm planning to build a small car with autonomous driving (maybe modifying my current rc car or using a robot car kit, using arduino and raspberry). I'll use a CNN, and I'm thinking how to collect ...
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How to convert night image to day image?

I have set of night images which I will be using for self driving. But I want to convert those images into day images. I have developed algorithm based on day image but it is not good for night images ...
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What are the challenging benchmarks for self driving cars object detection beside Kitti

I am working on 3D object detection in the context of self driving cars and I was wondering if there are other challenging benchmarks for this beside Kitti.
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