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Questions tagged [sensors]

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2 answers

How to detect and predict sensor faults and failures (for weather stations to be specific)?

Need help. Especially those knowledgeable in weather systems/meteorology. Best approach in detecting and predicting faulty weather sensors and their failures based on their readings alone? I'm doing a ...
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Does the LSTM model recognize the spatial and temporal pattern in my input data?

I have data from a row of sensors that sense a body passing over it. The data is of the shape (NS, NT) where NS is the total number of sensors and NT is the total number of time steps. The sensor data ...
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Open source dataset (manufacturing, machine operations)

I am looking for an open source dataset from the manufacturing domain (sensor data, time series) with specific traits. It should stem from a process consisting of a sequence of distinct machine ...
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How to cluster based on sensor data? - My first data science job

I'm on my first (real), data, programming job. As everyone can imagine, this can be quite hard and I learn a lot from it, given I am a data science student in university. However, I am completely ...
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What features/model to use for data with Hysteresis?

I have made a pressure sensor that when graphing Conductance vs Pressure (disregard the actual values in graph), has the following behaviors: First pressed it has one trendline Afterwards when ...
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Test data accuracy from real world have lowest accuracy than validation data collected in simulation environment

Background: Problem type: Multi class classification The dataset contains around 1,000 samples (simulated dataset of sensor signals), where each sample is 2D i.e (1000 * 1000 * 8). Additionally, I ...
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1 answer

anomaly detection in vehicle sensor data

I am currently diving deeper into understanding more about anomaly detection in regards to vehicle's data generated by sensors. It seems like there is no proper book or article that goes deeper into ...
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Data science master thesis in robotics

I am writing my data science master thesis on "Decision making with sensor fusion and machine learning in unmanned systems" What are the sub topics similar to "Collusion avoidance", "Navigation" and "...
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1 answer

Combining time-series data from different devices

I am using four different sensor models (four different devices) to gather some biometric data(eg. heart rate) for the same user, for the same time period. In an ideal scenario, all the devices are ...
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High Level Discussion: Generate synthetic sensor data using data from surrounding sensors

Let's assume I have readings coming from sensors. For every sensor, I have the following information: all the data it reads its location Now, given an arbitrary sensor at an arbitrary location ...
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2 answers

Feature extraction; similarity and classification of accelerometer data

I have several expert persons performing the same specific action (for example, squat or leap forward) multiple times. Say 5 persons do 100 squats each. They have an accelerometer attached to the same ...
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Parametrization of a model with data-sheet's sensor information or with empirical data

When working with a 3D laser sensor (LiDAR), the volumetric point density versus distance $\rho_r$ can be theoretically worked out taking into account the physical properties of the laser (number of ...
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