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Errors in results after saving model vs using directly from memory

I am trying to save a Fine Tuned model using trainer.save_model() but after I load the saved_model it just responds with the input back again and does not give any ...
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Are scalers or encoders supposed to be serialized along with trained models?

Consider the very basic example below: ...
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Ways to share Pytorch model without revealing architecture?

We are trying to give a model to collaborators but would like to protect the IP. What are some ways to encrypt/hide/compile the definition when sharing a trained model?
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model serialization - what is ".pk" format?

I encountered a piece of pytorch code where the trained model is saved with .pk. I often see pytorch models being saved as .pth ...
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Use serialized model without installing dependencies

I prototyped an ML model consisting of preprocessing + multiple stacked regressors. I would like a colleague of mine to develop an API that will query the model. Is there any way to query the model (...
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PicklingError: Could not serialize object: TypeError: can't pickle fasttext_pybind.fasttext objects

I built a fasttext classification model in order to do sentiment analysis for facebook comments (using pyspark 2.4.1 on windows). When I use the prediction model function to predict the class of a ...
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What is a YAML file and where is it used in a machine learning context?

I am not entirely sure if this is on-topic here, so please let me know if it is not. I keep seeing the idea of YAML files pop up while reading machine learning literature. My question is, what exactly ...
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What is a good way to store processed CSV data to train model in Python?

I have about 100MB of CSV data that is cleaned and used for training in Keras stored as Panda DataFrame. What is a good (simple) way of saving it for fast reads? I don't need to query or load part of ...
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