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Why is resnet regression model (on a skewed data with small interval) not converging?

Using resnet50 (torchvision.models pretrained=False) with an input of [15, 224,224] which includes 14 heatmaps and a level set ...
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Is there an appropriate hypothesis test: Two samples, one only with one datapoint, non-normal?

I have two 'samples'. The first consists of approx. 400 physical measurements of a quantity (taken over one hour, and the real situation is not a steady state). They show a very skewed distribution ...
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Is there a measure to compare features on the basis of normality

I have a dataset of cars and it has many features including 'acceleration’, ‘horsepower’, and ‘mpg'. I am supposed to check which of these features is the most similar to a normal distribution, so I ...
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Linear Regression bad results after log transformation

I have a dataset that has the following columns: The variable I'm trying to predict is "rent". My dataset looks a lot similar to what happens in this notebook. I tried to normalize the rent ...
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