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Questions tagged [software-development]

Related to the development of software tools or platforms for data science topics. This includes APIs, open-source, visualization, modeling, mathematics, applications, etc.

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10 votes
2 answers

Software Testing for Data Science in R

I often use Nose, Tox or Unittest when testing my python code, specially when it has to be integrated with other modules or other pieces of code. However, now that I've found myself using R more than ...
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5 answers

Can Machine Learning be applied in software developement [closed]

I'm from programming background. I'm now learning Analytics. I'm learning concepts from basic statistics to model building like linear regression, logistic regression, time-series analysis, etc., As ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to Deploy your trained ML model in client VM without they getting access to code

I am new to deployment and have a basic doubt about deploying my ML code on client's vm. So I have built a python project which collects data from client site, processing, predicts and displays the ...
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How to access maximum volume of tweets using Twitter Streaming API, without firehose access?

Twitter is a popular source of data for many applications, especially involving sentiment analysis and the like. I have some things I'm interested in doing with Twitter data, but here's the issue: ...
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2 answers

From development environment to production

I have been working on a project as part of my master degree in participation with a firm. I developed a predictive model in the past few months that is essentially a document classification model. ...
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0 answers

Is there a corpus of toy datasets specifically designed for finding bugs in data science software?

I'm looking for a corpus of toy tabular datasets that can be used to test data profiling, machine learning, data manipulation, etc. software. Some example attributes: Strange column names (empty ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Diagramming data science workflow?

I'm working on a consulting project for a tech client, and caught myself scratching my head about what the best way to present advanced analytics workflow is. What will be shown to the panel will ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Big data and data mining for CRM?

We are currently developing a customer relationship management software for SME's. What I'd like to structure for our future CRM is developing CRM with a social-based approach (Social CRM). Therefore ...
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1 vote
1 answer

unit-testing Machine Learning models

I have been asked to unit-test my machine learning model(not the code that made the model). Since we wouldn't actually know what predictions models make, how to carry out the unit-testing to check the ...
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1 answer

Visualizing software metrics

I have the below sets of data per application, you can call them as software metrics. These metrics vary depending on the size of an application. ...
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Machine Learning Model Input and Output Flow

I am working on a backend for structuring and submitting data into a ML model. I have 3 questions regarding this process. What is the best method to feed the model continuous data (updated every 30m ...
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0 answers

Python, Tkinter, Application packaging and distributing with custom packages

I have built an application on Tkinter in Python 3 and I want to package that application with all the dependent packages. I would want to build the .exe application of my python script that installs ...
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0 answers

I want to learn how to construct data science packages on top of core packages. Is there a list of excellent data science packages I can learn from? [closed]

Short question I want to learn how to construct data science packages on top of core packages. Is there a list of excellent data science packages I can learn from? Long question I recently came ...
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Stream response from custom RASA actions to the chatbot

I am using RASA PRO with CALM. I was thinking of using openai api within a custom action and stream the streaming response coming from openai to my chatbot. Openai is giving me streaming response and ...
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Do you use custom classes in your Data Science code?

After a few years in the field I find myself leaning more and more to a functional, side-effect free, deterministic input-output codeing style. More or less everything in my work is a function: ...
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1 answer

Surface Pro 6 vs Macbook Pro for Professional Data Science Practice [closed]

[I strongly agree this is totally very opinionated question, thus narrators feel free to vote to close it if you feel it is right, but I find endless pros and cons on the Internet, I've decided to ask ...
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2 answers

Keep track of trainings, datasets eetc

After searching quite some time for it on Google I could not find a sufficient software/toolbox that can manage trainings of neural networks. I thought of a program that combines visualization ...
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