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How to split the data for speaker verification using AAM Softmax loss?

There are several models for speaker verificaiton task (wavlm-ecapa / xvector / ...). Some of those model where trained with AAM Softmax loss, which gets the number of labels as input. When training ...
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How to get / calculate statistics about voxceleb2?

VoxCeleb2 contains ~1M utterances from ~6000 speakers (multilingual). I want to get statistics about voxceleb2: number of utterances & speakers for each language I tried to find the metadata ...
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Can we use the pretrained WavLM on Portuguese?

I wan to try WavLM for 2 tasks: Speaker Verification Speech embeddings If I understand it correctly, the WavLM pre-trained model was trained on English. so if I want to use it for my missions, do I ...