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If my target variable is binary, is it better to use Pearson's or Spearman's for my correlation vector?

I'm using a corr vector, combined with RFE, to perform feature selection. I keep reading conflicting things online as to whether I should use Pearson's or Spearman's...
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How do I combine two different measures of correlation coefficients?

In the dataset, we have a numerical feature and a numerical target. We are calculating the Pearson coefficient and Spearman rank correlation. Pearson to track the linear relationship and Spearman to ...
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Correlation analysis yields conflicting results. Positive Pearson and Negative Spearman

I have four features x1,x2,x3,x4. All of their correlation with y are similar in Pearson correlation and in Spearman rank correlation separately. However, all these are +0.15 in Pearson and -0.6 in ...
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Rank correlation with spearman and kendall

While interpreting the correlation between ranks, should I use the rho value (for spearman method), tau value (for kendall's tau method), w value ( for kendall's w method) or should I take in ...
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Correlation with target variable for regression problem

Given the following dataframe age job salary 0 1 Doctor 100 1 2 Engineer 200 2 3 Lawyer 300 ... with ...
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Correlation/distance between sparse vectors

I am looking for a metric for comparing gene count tables. These are long columns of data (a few millions genes by a few dozen samples), with all non-negative entries, about 90% of which are zeros. ...
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What statistical method should i use to find Correlation between number of days and AmountEarned

I am new to Data Science and I have a python data frame with Number of days, CountofJobs, and AmountEarned what statistical method should I use to find a correlation between Days and AmountEarned. <...
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When should mutual information be used for feature selection over other feature selection methods like correlation, ANOVA , etc?

I have a data set with categorical and continuous/ordinal explanatory variables and continuous target variable. I tried to filter features using one-way ANOVA for categorical variables and using ...
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Slightly different results between scipy.stats.spearmanr and manual calculation

I have the following dataset. When I calculate the Spearman correlation coefficient with scipy.stats.spearmanr, it returns 0.718182. ...
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Pearson vs Spearman vs Kendall

What are the characteristics of the three correlation coefficients and what are the comparisons of each of them/assumptions? Can somebody kindly take me through the concepts?
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