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Machine Learning on Small Dataset with Huge Variation

In 2018 the NCAA allowed players to transfer school more freely, so now teams want an advantage by getting transfer players. I want to create a model that can predict which transfer players can be ...
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2 answers

How to predict the winner of a future sports match? [closed]

I am trying to create a machine learning model to predict the winner of an upcoming cricket tournament (winners of all matches in the tournament). I have couple of questions here: What kind of input ...
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1 answer

Predicting Player Position from pervious positions and LSTMs

I am trying to use LSTMs to predict player positions in a field game. I try to overfit 8 slightly different time series. For this overfitting task I just use the positions of the players. A data ...
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1 answer

Compare ratings of players over different leagues

I want to compare ratings of players from different leagues and predict rating of player in a league he/she didnt participate in. Rating of a player is estimated within a league where he was playing. ...
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Feature Encoding for team based sports data

I am currently playing around with Keras and try to use it with various datasets. Now I have a small datasets of football game results. ...
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4 answers

Resources on Data Science for Football / Soccer?

I am searching for resources on data science projects which used football/soccer data.
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1 answer

Rank players of any given sport

I've recently become interested in possibly of developing some sort of method for ranking athletes of sports such as American football and determining which players are better than others in terms of ...
42 votes
10 answers

Can machine learning algorithms predict sports scores or plays?

I have a variety of NFL datasets that I think might make a good side-project, but I haven't done anything with them just yet. Coming to this site made me think of machine learning algorithms and I ...