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Why do I get different coefficients from Logistic regression in Python and SPSS

I am a bit confused in regards to the model coefficients calculated by SPSS and sklearn's LogisticRegression. I am getting different coefficients and intercepts for both methods. in Python, I am ...
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Doing a cox regression, how do I analyze a continuous variable in which a lower result is worse?

I have this variable that is clinically worse the lower it is. Instead of interpreting, for example, a hazard ratio of 0.9 as "per unit increase in variable x, there is a x% reduction in risk for ...
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Distinction of different types of missing values is lost after importing data from SPSS into R

I've got a file containing survey data in SPSS. There are 3 types of missing values defined: invalid (coded as 900), not applicable (990), not filled in (999). After importing the SPSS file into R ...
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Column sum in SPSS (with filter and grouped by date)?

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How can learn machine learning with Statistics background? [closed]

I have statistical background now I want to learn machine learning. I have experience in R, SPSS, Stata. Necessary resources and tutorials which are effective not only waste my time are needed for my ...
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Assigning numerical IDs to variable values in a data file

I have the problem that I got a huge source data file which is showing text for all variable values instead of numerical IDs. So for example, I would like to have the variable gender coded as 1 and 2 ...
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Checking Correlation of Categorical variables in SPSS

I am building a predictive model for a classification problem using SPSS. Of the Independent variables, I have both Continuous and Categorical variables. SPSS gives only correlation between continuous ...
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