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Spyder is a free, open source scientific python development environment that comes preinstalled with Anaconda installations.

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einstein sum subscripts string contains too many subscripts for operand 4

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Spyder - stop consoles accidentally closing

When I use Spyder, I have fairly frequently accidentally closed the wrong consoles. Usually by a cmd+W. Most applications ask if I want to save before close/confirm I definitely want to close. Spyder ...
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Best practices when creating a virtual environment in Anaconda

I am absolutely confused due to the number of different ways and the abundance of articles explaining how to create a virtual environment in Anaconda. You could use ...
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Tensorflow version conflict between Spyder and Anaconda-Prompt [closed]

I downloaded the TensorFlow version 1.14.0 from Anaconda Prompt. pip install tensorflow==1.14.0 When I check the version of Tensorflow from Spyder it shows like ...
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Logistic regression based prediction model using flask(python) to predict if Student will pass or fail. Error [duplicate]

I am trying to create a web application on Python using Flask that predicts if a student is likely to pass or fail using a Kaggle dataset. I changed the dataset a little and want to predict if the ...
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How to plot the hyperplane for multiclass target variable in SVM?

Please suggest me how can I draw the hyperplane for a 7 class target variable. I'm doing my project in python 3.7 in Spyder.
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Spyder 4: changed behavior or "run cell" / run selected code [closed]

I'm a user of spyder. This weekend I updated to spyder 4, which seems to have received many usefull improvements, however I have a problem with running selected code. The logic seems to have changed. ...
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