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Stata is an integrated software package for statistics and data science. It helps with data manipulation, visualization, automatic reporting, etc.

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How can I perform an analysis of the NHIS imputed income variables?

I have downloaded five family income variables from (INCPPOINT1, INCPPOINT2, INCPPOINT3, INCPPOINT4, INCPPOINT5) for they years ...
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Reshaping data from long to wide format in Stata

I have a dataset on carbon intensity and volume loans across different sectors in the EU and I try to reshape the data set from long format to a wide format as I wrongly first thought that it should'...
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Urgent help on STATA! Panel regression, regressing lagged version of variable with itself in particular industry across few industries! [closed]

Just some kind help on the syntax for the above... Basically this is an event analysis whereby there are 10 sectors, and for instance quarterly data, so therefore, mergers that took place in a ...
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How to encode ordinal data before applying linear regression in STATA?

I have a data set that has student performance marks (continuous and dependent variable), Teacher Qualification (Ordinal and independent variable containing categories: Masters, Bachelors, High School)...
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Stata: Trying to merge two data sets with common year observations

I am currently trying to merge two datasets with a common "year" variable using Stata. One dataset is purely for incorporating CPI with an associated year, and so the only variables are "year" and "...
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Stata-style replace in Python

In Stata, I can perform a conditional replace using the following code: replace target_var = new_value if condition_var1 == x & condition_var2 == y What's ...
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How can learn machine learning with Statistics background? [closed]

I have statistical background now I want to learn machine learning. I have experience in R, SPSS, Stata. Necessary resources and tutorials which are effective not only waste my time are needed for my ...
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Data visualization of frequencies of state transitions (possibly in R?)

I am working on some experimental data, which can be of types A, B and C. Now I observe this data for 5 time points, and I can see them move between A to B, B to C,... etc. I see such transitions for ...
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Conditional logit in Stata

Question: Can Stata present or output the actual betas/coefficients in a datasheet when it performs the conditional logit model? I understand that Stata has a "predict" capability, but I need to ...
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